The Path of Strength: Manifesto

Physical fitness. Strength of character. Capability. This is what we seek.

The Path of Strength is about developing ourselves and serving others.

We are living in a time of crisis. People are hurting. Physical capability and mental health are at a low point. Polarization is tearing us apart.

We need the physical strength and the strength of character to flourish as individuals and to help others do the same.

The Path of Strength is a way of life. It’s simple but not easy: when faced with a decision, make the better choice. Take the Path of Strength.


Al Heinemann is a strength and conditioning coach with over 15 years experience. In 2008 he founded Terminal City Training, a private training facility in Vancouver, Canada. More recently he has begun online coaching and consulting through Terminal City Online. He also continues to work in public safety, of which he has a decade of experience. In his much younger days he served as an infantry reservist, a subject which still interests him a great deal, particularly in terms of physical and mental conditioning. Al has many interests including philosophy, martial arts, literature, hunting, and dog training. For more on Al visit

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The Path of Strength  will publish writings about physical fitness, philosophical fitness, preparedness, and related topics. Articles will be published roughly once per month.

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Al Heinemann

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Strength is a virtue, and the pursuit of virtue is a strength. Writings on physical fitness and philosophical fitness.


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